Q PRESS, boost your coffee!

05 Feb 2024
Q Press

It is the ideal accessory for achieving high precision and evenness in preparation of the doses for making espresso coffee like a professional barista.

This accessory is perfect for high quality professional grinders such as the Q10 Evo and the Q5, because after obtaining a grind, with “micrometric” adjustment, the process ends with the optimal pressure to always obtain the perfect espresso in each cup.

Tampering or compacting the coffee is one of the important steps to follow in the preparation of an espresso and it determines the final result in the cup. It consists of pressing and levelling the ground coffee in the filter holder to achieve the perfect dispensing. And the new Q PRESS tamper allows this process to be carried out with speed and precision.

The Q PRESS is a small accessory (341.4 x 140 x 257.6mm) with which a pressure of between 10 and 30kg can be programmed through its capacitive keyboard and the indicator screen of the set pressure in kg. Thanks to the stainless steel filter holder guide, adjustable to 2 heights, it can be adjusted and adapt to any filter holder on the market. Additionally, it has an inductive sensor to obtain the precise coffee pressure selected by the barista. Its adjustable upper support allows the horizontal position of the filter holder to be maintained so that the resulting compaction is more even. In addition to this is the antistatic stainless steel tamper. All of this without forgetting the ease of cleaning, being able to select the cleaning mode through the capacitive keyboard.

Q PRESS, boost your coffee!

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